Dior Homme Sport Gift Set

DiorHomme Sport Gift Set

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Dior Homme Sport is reinvented to more fully embody a life lived with the sport as philosophy, not a race for performance. The notion of a life in motion, free and intense; full of love, laughter and dreams imbued with sensuality. A philosophy between vitality and sexiness, energy and refinement. The composition of Dior Homme Sport plays on facets of fruity-spicy freshness while retaining the sexy woody notes of Dior Homme's identity. This freshness takes up the challenge of extreme permanence and of a beginning that lasts and lasts. "Dior Homme Sport is a story that starts off strong and fast and never lets up. A meteor that bursts with lasting, intense pleasure." François Demachy

Top Note:
  • Essence of Citron. Grown in Italy and Corsica since Roman times, this large fruit from the citron tree resembles a lemon. Its peel is rough, and its greenish-yellow flesh contains little juice but is highly fragrant.
  • The essence of citron is obtained through expression, lavishing all of its freshness on Dior Homme Sport.

Heart Note:
  • Pink Pepper ExtractThe "Pepper Tree" bears clusters of berries that are used as a spice and known as "Pink Pepper" or "Brazil Pepper." Native to South America (Brazil), this tree is now grown on Reunion Island.
  • Red in color and the size of a peppercorn, its berries grow in clusters and emit an intense spicy fragrance.
  • Pink Pepper Extract is obtained by using a CO2 extraction technique, which allows the peppercorn to retain its full aroma.

Base Note:
  • Vetiver from HaitiNative to India and Indonesia but also found in Haiti and Reunion, vetiver is a perennial plant whose fragrant substances are contained in its roots. The essential oil is obtained through steam distillation.
  • The lingering scent of vetiver is used in woody, chypre and oriental compositions. Vetiver offers its refined boldness as the base note of Dior Homme.
  • To complete the Dior Homme body care ritual, spray a cloud of Dior Homme for a long-lasting fresh sensation: the immediate pleasure of a juicy freshness, the energy of spices, and the sexy trail of noble woods.

Discover your perfume with its After-Shave Balm and Deodorant Spray in an exclusive Father's Day gift wrap:
  • 4.2-oz. Dior Homme Sport Eau de Toilette Natural Spray
  • 1.7-oz. Dior Homme After-Shave Balm
  • 2.65-oz. Dior Homme Deodorant Stick
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